These are shaped wires in Square or Rectangular cross section manufactured from high carbon steel generally conforming to EN-42& EN42J. The wires are custom built to suit customers’ actual requirements. These wires are supplied in Annealed & Annealed Pinch Pass finish. These wires are used in the manufacture of lock circlips used for locking shafts.


Cross Section UTS (Kg/mm2) Edges Taper Angle



60 to 90 Sharp NA
Rectangular 60 to 90 Sharp NA
Trapezoidal 60 to 90 Sharp Half to Two degree or as desired

Tolerance on Thickness: +/- 0.05 mm and Width: +/- 0.10 mm

The Circlipwires are supplied in 380-500mm dia with coil weight of 50-300 kg. The coils are oiled, packed with polythene and then Hessian and tagged properly.